$289.00 NZD

Tick-tock! The Mr. Green wall clock from Karlsson is totally up to date. With its minimalist and clean design, the clock easily finds a place on the wall in your bedroom or living room. The clock is an integral part of the Karlsson collection, and has been given a fresh new look especially for the season. 


This lofty wall clock is simple, sleek, and clean with white details. A wall clock that, thanks to its subtle design, easily finds its way into any interior. As a modern wall clock in the hall, it ensures that you always leave on time, in the kitchen, you can quickly read how long your cake still has to bake, but actually, the design wall clock stands its ground in every room of your house.


  • Excl. 1 AA battery
  • Silent movement
  • Design Armando Breeveld
  •  40 × 4.5cm