$45.00 NZD

The original Rimu & Nail Bottle Opener is one of those well crafted objects that Kiwi men are drawn to. Made from NZ native rimu with a single nail forming the lever, it goes easily inside your jeans pocket or attaches to the fridge door by a magnet so he won't be searching for it. The magnet also holds the bottle cap after it released. We like to put these in with a set of craft beer glasses or in a gift box of Emerson's but you can do it alone or with something extra of your choice.

Jude combined his experience learning traditional craftsmanship, and modern design in London and New Zealand together to create his beautiful, yet functional wares.

It was a love for creating new ideas and a passion for bringing people together that lead Jude Raffills to start his design company.

The key components of his deigns are simplicity, durability and functionality. Each product is hand crafted with exquisite attention to detail, to ensure a high level of quality.

“We believe in natural products with a great design to enhance our living experience.”


* Please note these are handmade from natural wood so there will be some variation in the grain and colour.