$245.00 NZD

No more plastic crap in crackers! Not even imported 'eco-friendly' crap. The filler pack included with the Re-Crackers features plastic-free, NZ-made little items. 

What's even better, is that one mini gift is a token donating to Starship Foundation. We are so excited that these re-crackers are not only reusable, durable and gorgeous, but they work with local NZ businesses AND benefit charity.

All the fun of snapping the crackers and wearing the silly hat without the waste!
Re-crackers snap apart just like a regular cracker and give the same experience as traditional Christmas Crackers.
They're heavy-duty so if a heavy tray of roast potatoes is put on top, they won't break; and they're machine washable if someone drops them in the gravy. Did someone say genius?
Each Re-cracker™ is 30cm long and crafted with our selected Christmas fabrics so you can find the best fit for your home and Christmas theme.

Yes they snap open like a disposable!

Yes they slide back together for decades of future use!

Yes they are machine washable!

Load them up and they'll bang like a disposable but with none of the waste!

How it works:

  1. Purchase your Re-Crackers. They come as beautifully covered empty tubes, in a beautiful storage box.
  2. Fill your Re-Crackers with the items from the filler pack included; a snap, a joke and one of the awesome small gifts (beeswax honeystick crayon, reusable tea bag with a scoop of Anxietea by Better Tea, mini rosemary & orange natural deodorant, solid men's aftershave balm, mini bottle of relaxing massage oil, 80g bar of solid dishsoap, 40g jar of rose petal bath salts, $3 donation token to Starship Foundation).
  3. Purchase the Reusable Cotton Crowns. This is optional but recommended for the classic Christmas cracker experience.
  4. Your Re-Crackers, the crowns, and the storage box form your base unit, which you will reuse for decades to come. 
  5. Throw the Crowns and cotton Re-Cracker sleeves in the wash after use, then dry thoroughly before packing away to use next year.

Make sure you watch the video on how to load them, and how to pull them to make sure they work perfectly. The biggest difference with a disposable Christmas cracker is that the snap is not glued in so you need to hold it firmly with one hand, then place your other hand on top to hold the fabric.